Client Testimonials

Past Client Testimonials

Eryn & Andrew

Eryn and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all of the hard work and effort that you put into the sale of our house and the purchase of the new house. We both know how much effort you put into it, and we ended up getting the right price and the right buyer for the old house and moved into a beautiful new house in a great location. This is the fourth real estate transaction we have completed with you representing us, and no matter the size of the transaction, we know that you put 100% effort into getting the best deal for us. You were always careful to ensure that we were comfortable with the process and you never forced us into something that we did not want. You took the time to explain everything to us in detail and always went the extra mile to ensure we understood the process and to keep things moving quickly. You were always quick to respond to our needs and requests at any time of day or night. Also, I liked your tough negotiating tactics.

The fact that we all get along on a personal level was important to Eryn and I because we knew that you always had our best interests in mind. This was shown in the way that you dealt with other agents and the advice you gave us on how to handle marginal buyers. You were able to work around our busy schedules and always made time for us, but we never felt rushed.

Your knowledge and experience made the process very easy and enjoyable for us, in what could have been a stressful period. We would (and already have) recommend your services to anyone who is looking for an agent.

Thank you for all of your help. We look forward to working with you in the future when it is time for us to find a new house.

David & Lyn

Has been a terrific help to us. Risa sold two of our homes and in both cases we were very impressed with the results. Risa is very good at creating a lot of interest and getting a lot of people through the door. On our first house Risa generated a total of nine offers – all over asking price. Our second house was a more difficult sale, but Risa never wavered or gave up trying to generate interest. The property ended up selling for a price that exceeded our expectations with very favourable terms. Risa was once again able to trigger a multiple offer situation to our advantage.

Risa is very professional and a strong negotiator. Risa strongly represent her clients. She knows the many options available to her clients at each turn in the negotiation process and she negotiates in a manner that always protects her client’s interests. She is a good communicator. She was always available for showings and promptly returned our many phone calls. We were impressed that Risa never pressured us to reduce our price or pressured us to change our expectations. She is patient and understands that there is a buyer for every house. Risa has realistic expectations and she provided a fair critical assessment of ongoing developments. She never created false hope or encouraged unrealistic expectations. She offered real workable solutions. It was her ability to see a creative solution to our particular living situation that helped us achieve our goals. Had Risa not suggested the approach she did we might not have felt capable of making the move at all.

With regards to buying, Risa represented us very well. We were trying to buy into the hot Toronto market in a very specific neighbourhood – Davisville/Leaside. We were very limited by the little housing stock available and we ourselves were very restrictive about what we wanted in a house. We had many specific items that had to be in place before we would even consider a house and everything was about moving back to our old neighbourhood. We were discouraged by many multiple bids and we ended up losing out on a house. When we finally did make a purchase it was primarily because of Risa’s abilities. She found us a house that had just come on the market and presented an offer well before most other buyers even knew about its availability. We were able to make an offer without going into a multiple bid situation. Risa did her homework and prepared for different scenarios, as we did not know if multiple bids would occur. She drew up many different offers of varying amounts and terms. In the end, Risa was able to get us the house for under asking price. We were very pleased and believe it was her quick decisive action that made it happen. Based on our experience of looking for 6 months and losing out on other properties we are convinced had Risa not acted so quickly and shrewdly the house could very well have been bidded up in price.

We are very pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Risa Freeman. We have recommended her services to our friends and family with no reservations. If we should need real estate services in the future we would most definitely rely on Risa’s expertise and advice.

John & Jennifer

When we decided to start looking for our first home, we were nervous and uncertain. After a friend recommended Risa and we started working with her, we felt much better and with Risa’s help we soon found a home we love at a great price. We now recommend Risa to all our friends and family and we look forward to working with her again.

Our experience with Risa was easy because she is honest and committed. We felt Risa was advising us as if she was advising a friend or family member about each home. She was open and honest about the strengths and weaknesses of the homes we saw, and always took the time to discuss these with us. Risa is also very committed – she made herself available around our busy schedules and was always on the lookout for our potential first home.

The night before we bought our home, Risa was up all night sick. Despite this, she showed us several homes the next day and stayed with us as we negotiated our purchase from a KFC parking lot late into the night!

Finally, not only is Risa a complete professional, but she is also a lot of fun to work with. We would (and do) recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent they can trust and depend on.

Dan and Dana

Risa has represented us through three house sales over 10 years.  We have been beyond thrilled working with her. Risa is one-in-a-million – everything we could have ever asked for in an agent; her extraordinary talent for finding and selling homes is matched equally by her incredibly high level of professionalism and integrity. If that weren’t enough, she is always an absolute pleasure to work with.